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11 November, 2011

HRH Prince Guillaume Jean Joseph Marie,
Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg

HRH Prince Guillaume
HRH Prince Guillaume,
Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Today marks the 30th birthday of Prince Guillaume, the eldest son of TRH Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg and the last unwed heir to a throne in Europe.  His is also reported to be one of Europe’s wealthiest royal families.

Born this day in 1981 (Scorpio) at the Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital in the country he will one day rule, his subjects hardly minded that his 101 gun salute was disturbing their lunch.  Such is the excitement when a future ruler is born.

The House of Luxembourg-Nassau is the branch of the House of Nassau (which itself dates back to 1093) that has ruled Luxembourg since 1890, when the rules of succession resulted in Luxembourg’s separation from the throne of the Netherlands.  Prince Guillaume is also called Hereditary Prince of Nassau and Prince of Bourbon-Parma.  In the photo above (left), the prince displays the House of Nassau’s colors of blue and orange on his tie.  The prince has held the title of Hereditary Grand Duke, heir apparent to the throne, since his father’s accession to the throne in 2000.  When Prince Guillaume marries and starts his family, his oldest child, whether a son or daughter, will be the heir presumptive to the throne per 2011 changes in the laws of succession.

As far as education is concerned, Prince Guillaume attended Lorentzweiler for his primary education, followed by secondary education at Lycée Robert-Schumann in Luxembourg and the Collège Alpin Beausoleil in Switzerland.  He attended the University of Durham and Brunel University in England, the Institut Philanthropos in Switzerland, and Institut Albert-le-Grand/Université Angers, where he completed with honors a Bachelor of Science degree in International Politics.  Additionally, the prince attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, preparing him to become an army officer in Luxembourg, where he currently holds the military rank of Major in the Luxembourg Army (photo of regalia above - right).

Very active in the promotion of trade, Prince Guillaume has been instrumental in the success of the Board of Economic Development of Luxembourg, with which he has been involved since 2001.  He frequently tours corporate headquarters and factories and attends global leadership and economic/trade conferences, such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Prince Gui, as he is known to family and friends, is universally respected as an intelligent, responsible, and hard-working young man.  His private life has been conducted out of the public eye and has been free from scandal - so much so, that false rumors regarding relationships and speculations about engagement announcements are generated and circulated on at least an annual basis.  Those who follow his press know to take such reports with a grain of salt.  Many have hoped that he would announce an engagement to coincide with his 30th birthday; however, in a radio interview within the last week, Prince Gui indicated that he has had the same girlfriend for over a year (identity unknown), but that no wedding bells are on the horizon as yet.  Of course, the Grand Ducal Court can always surprise us today or in coming weeks.  The last girlfriend of Prince Gui whose name was publicly known was Pia Haraldsen, the step-grand-niece of the Queen of Norway, who dated the prince from 2002-2003.  As you see, there is quite a gap in the reporting.

Prince Gui speaks his country’s native language of Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergësch), its other official languages of French and German, and additionally speaks English and Spanish.  The royal family is very religious, practicing Roman Catholicism and participating extensively in the 15-day Octave of Our Lady of Luxembourg each May and other celebrations.

Although his exact height is unknown, the prince is estimated to be between 5’7” and 5’10” tall.  His hobbies include tennis, skiing, and numerous water sports.  He enjoys going to the movies and unwinds by traveling incognito when abroad.  He enjoys modern and classical music and plays the piano and guitar.  He may have also studied the violin at one time.

Prince Guillaume has four siblings: HRH Prince Felix (27), HRH Prince Louis (25), HRH Princess Alexandra (20), and HRH Prince Sebastien (19).  Of them, Prince Louis is the only one who is married.  He and his wife, Princess Tessy have two young sons.

It is with great pleasure that we profile Prince Guillaume in our inaugural blog.  You can be sure that he and his eligible siblings will be profiled further in the Peer area upon its launch.